Social media monitoring - also known as social media listening - is a process of using social media channels to track, gather and mine the information and data of certain individuals or groups, usually companies or organizations, to assess their reputation and discern how they are perceived online.

“Your Online Reputation Can Make or Break your Brand”

Why Social Media Monitoring is important?

Social media has evolved from passive monitoring to actively using predictive social analytics and engagement to make the connection. This shift finally turns social media insights into ROI through identifying customer action that can be routed to the appropriate stakeholders across sales, marketing, or support.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
- Bill Gates

Social Media Listening for Marketing Goals:

• Reputation management.
• Handling Customer Support Issues.
• Real time marketing.
• Monitoring Share of Voice and Brand Sentiment.
• Crisis alerts & its management.
• Monitoring for trends.
• Market research.

5 W’s that you should consider:

WHERE are relevant conversations?
WHAT are people saying (the most popular topics of relevant conversation)?
WHEN are the conversations taking place?
WHO is driving share of conversation (influencers)?
WHY is the conversation taking place?

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